Digital Solutions

SoccerCoin provides support and advice to sports clubs and sports institutions in the development and implementation of digital ideas. To facilitate an easy start in the digital world, software is usually provided free of charge. The aim is to introduce the fans of our partners to new digital products and to support sports institutions in the execution of a digital strategy.


SoccerCoin constructs a personal club metaverse, taking into consideration individual needs and wishes. Together we design, build, and advertise a digital infrastructure, incl. a digital club stadium, that constitutes a space for fans to connect to each other and their club. The end goal is a complete digital city district that provides increased visibility for sponsors and a chance for fans to experience their club up close.


We advise clubs on the conception of an individualized NFT strategy, from creative design and marketing to pricing and limitation. By using the SoccerCoin NFT platform, our partners can offer NFTs within a secure tax and legal framework. The white label solution allows for easy incorporation on club platforms or websites.

SoccerCoin NFT+


For the best possible user experience, we provide the SoccerCoin wallet, which can be adopted by clubs as a white label solution. The wallet is available as a free download for everyone looking to safely store and manage their digital values. The wallet can also be used to store and manage all other NFTs based on the BNB smart chain.

SoccerCoin Wallet

Other Services

Because changing legislation is continuously redefining the digital market, we are making our expertise concerning MiCA and its associated audit processes available by consultation. For any enquiries, you can reach us at legal@soccercoin.io