What does it offer?

The Soccer Coin-network is, described as generally as possible, an infrastructure for the exchange and storage of data.

However, to get an idea of what we strive to create the following keywords should give a better understanding of our main focus

easy, sustainable, secure, trustless, fast, community-owned and driven, distributed, failsafe, charitable

Easy - usability and accessibility:

Self-explanatory interfaces and accessible software should make the usage as convenient and easy as possible. Low entry barriers for new users and the implementation of ready-to-use functionality should allow everyone to participate with ease.

Sustainable - usefulness, efficiency and sustainability:

Users should experience a real benefit from Soccer Coin compared to other present solutions. All operations should be efficient and save time, money and energy to make Soccer Coin economically and ecologically viable. Soccer Coin should not only offer an idealistic and theoretical added value, but also a benefit in everyday life.

Secure – a secure solution:

Cybercrime is the bane of the 21st century. Thus, security needs to be an integral part of the network, the user interfaces such as wallets, as well as APIs. With the increasing spread and renownedness of distributed databases and cryptocurrencies, the risk for the individual user increases (e.g. by theft, extortion, fraud). Therefore, security is an integral part of our network, its user interfaces (wallets) and APIs.

Trustless - but creating trust:

In general, users should not have to trust other users or central authorities similar to existing cryptocurrencies. However, the Soccer Coin network aims to provide a suitable infrastructure to be able to build trust on a higher layer.

Fast - rapid processing:

The rapid processing of all data transactions, as well as sensible extensions of the technology for often needed processes, are other key aspects of the Soccer Coin network. Community-owned and driven – a project of people for people: Anyone is free to contribute to the project and has the opportunity to do so. The Soccer Coin network should not be developed in secret, behind closed doors. The project and the community should benefit from lively exchanges between each actor/user/programmer.

Distributed – decentral organization as an advantage:

There should be no central instance that has the authority over accounts/assets. Only each user himself has access to his own accounts and assets, nobody can alter the assets of the user without his consent.

Failsafe – resilience against errors and stability of the network:

The Soccer Coin project will have the ability to intercept errors and maintain its operations. It will analyze important attack vectors and identify suitable prevention methods.

Charitable – accept social responsibility:

Regarding social responsibility, we believe there is big room for improvement in business as well as for the general public. Each individual being has the chance to promote charity and research alike. With our Soccer Coin project, we want to prove that and let everyone be a part of it.

Romain Grosjean

"Speed, safety and innovation are the conditions to win -
that certainly applies to football as well.
Soccer Coin has all these features! "

Romain Grosjean



After the public crowdfunding of the project, for every issued Soccer Coin another Soccer Coin will march into the Soccer Cloud. With this cloud other different clouds will be supported. For the reason soccer is happening 99% in the free nature, it will be our duty to support the nature, means, we, the Soccer Coin Team, feel obliged to protect the environment.

As we have to cover our costs, transaction costs are indispensable. With every transaction we convey to all participants the feeling to do something good. Every confirmed transaction will provoke, doesn`t matter if Soccer Coin or Club Coin, a various number of positive incidents, which will be transparently documented inn different clouds.

Every transaction will enlarge the relative cloud automatically. This fact ensures the support of the related cloud and the related partner company, which is consecrate itself to the rescue of the different sectors. The Soccer Coin serves further subregions:

National Cloud

Club Cloud

Sports Aid Cloud

Soccer Player Cloud

Children Benefit Cloud

Bee Cloud

"Save the Ocean" Cloud

Secure Asset Fund Cloud

Gamer Cloud


A part of the Soccer Coin and a part of the transfer revenues will be transferred from the Soccer Cloud into the related Country Cloud, the National Cloud. The national association of the related country can activate this National Cloud free of charge. With tis activation the support will be enunciated at the Soccer Coin and will lead to the listing on our homepage. In return the National Team will get a part of the Soccer Coins and a part of the current transaction costs as a sponsoring.


The Club Cloud will be erected free of charge for the club with the registration. The Club Cloud will be individually personalized in the colors and the emblem of the club. With this solution the Club Cloud will be easily identified by every fan. Every club will be supported by a sponsoring. A part of the Soccer Coins is going directly to the club and will participate on every transaction worldwide. The participations depend on the number of the members of the club. The more clubs will register the more transactions will happen.

Through the continuous demand, not only the transactions will continuously increase, but also the supports will be automatically bigger. With this fact, the aspects of digital currency will be influenced positively. The soccer club will be able, at any time, to convert this cloud in a own club coin. At the starting point we will support the club. The start of the project financing is identically to the start of the Soccer Coin.


By cooperating with the Austrian Sports Aid, we automatically extend our support to all areas of sport. The Austrian Sports Aid will become our advisor and operative partner and will provide us with its experience in order to continue supporting athletes from various fields of sport. The Sport Aid Cloud is financed directly by the Soccer Cloud and directly supports the Soccer Player Cloud.

in favor of


The Soccer Player Cloud becomes part of the soccer player and has the function of a guardian angel. Should a player be injured in the game or during the training, in practicing his profession, he will be secured from a loss of income. With this “insurance“ a possible gap in income will be filled. This safeguard can, according to the requirements, individually be increased. This safeguard will step in, where the lawful conditions of a country, for example point awards, goal awards will not come into place. The safeguard will come in force, if the player will get a part of his salary in Soccer Coins or Club Coins. This fundamental safeguard will be activated for the player free of charge.


Every finished transaction result in the purchase of a bee. The reason for the transaction doesn`t matter. After 30.000 finished transactions we are obliged to buy a beehive. This beehive will be regularly handed over to apiarists, which will be registered as our partners. Although there will be always a different country respected in a sequence. The apiarists in the countries could be registered with us in a data bank fir receiving the beehives. They are obliged to do a proper supervision and cultivation of the beehives. The bee is, with its diligence and its dependability, not only a symbol but also a paradigm for Soccer Coin.


One of the major problems on our planet is the pollution of the oceans. The microplastic will keep us busy, even when the oceans will be cleaned, for decades may be centuries. We want to collaborate with the leading companies, which are leading the technical requirements for the cleaning of the oceans from plastic waste. The most important thing is the clearance of the waste islands which are forming in the oceans from time to time and which extend to several square kilometers. Freely adapted from “every 1000 miles voyage starts with the first step“, Soccer Coin owner and Club Coin owner are able to help automatically.


For the reason an extreme case could even happen in the digital world, we have arranged a security cushion. From the first transaction 10% of the trading fees will be transferred to the Secure Asset Fund Cloud (SAFC), to offer our user a protection in the case of an extreme case. This fund will be set aside in a cold wallet.

Senad Grosic

"I'm not afraid of big jumps.
On the contrary - I made it my profession.
Daring big jumps is also the philosophy of Soccer Coin
... and that excites me!"

Senad Grosic

BMX World Champion


November 2018

Founding Soccer Coin Ltd (Malta)

December 2018

Founding Soccer Coin AG (Vienna)

Q2 2019

Start of development phase 1
Publication of the white paper           

Q3 2019

Development phase 1 and
Presentation of partners and supporters 

Q1 2020

Commissioning of phase 1
Soccer Coins network using the acquired infrastructure
Start of development phase 2

Q3 2020

Development phase 2


Commissioning of phase 2
Start of development phase 3

Romain Grosjean

"No cryptocurrency of the world has yet managed to support
as many areas as e-sports. Truly unique!"

Mario Viska

Pro E-Sport-Gamer


We make crypto transactions as easy
as paying with credit cards!

Custumer display for QR Code

Built-In printer

4000mAh battery
for mobile usage

SoccerCoin payment terminal

3G/4G and WiFi

Main display for merchant

Smart card and NFC reader
for crypto payment cards


The secure private-key-solution

The Soccer Coin - Chainlock card is the ideal solution for sellers and traders of cryptocurrencies.
It is also perfectly matched to their customers’ needs, who want to know their investments are stored in a highly secure place both in the medium and long run.

SoccerCoin payment terminal

secure storage

secure gifting

secure bequeathing

secure transferring


Soccer Coin Ltd.
Palace Court,
Church Street
St. Julian´s STJ 3049

Soccer Coin AG
Kärntnerstraße 61
1010 Vienna