The SoccerCoin project started with an idea by Austrian entrepreneur Andreas Heigl. Today, the idea has grown into an ambitious enterprise, as SoccerCoin intends to be one of the first digital finance companies in Europe that is comprehensively legally licensed and regulated.

Many sports clubs express an interest in digitization, but the implementation of digital strategies proves difficult due to missing infrastructures.

SoccerCoin is a fintech startup that creates additional revenue streams for sports clubs. We provide support and advice to sports clubs from the start of their digital journey. Our platforms connect sponsors, clubs, and fans.

Company structure

SoccerCoin LTD

The fully regulated company that will be responsible for the licensing and distribution of “Virtual Financial Assets” (VFAs).

Betriebs GmbH

Responsible for data protection, data processing, and data management for the whole SoccerCoin consortium.

SoccerCoin GmbH

Provides support in the form of marketing and other services.

SoccerCoin AG

Planning, organization, and implementation of social and ecological projects.