Fan focus first: SoccerCoin launches fan-centred NFT platform

St. Julian’s – New opportunities for fans: Easy to collect digital objects with added-value. SoccerCoin, founded by the Austrian self-made entrepreneur Andreas Heigl, launches a new fancentred platform for digital collectibles.

Everyone is talking about blockchain-based digital collectibles, so-called NFTs. However, mass adoption has not happened yet because the benefits of such blockchain-based file are often not clear for the target group. SoccerCoin provides the answer to precisely this with the now launched first version of a NFT platform developed especially for fans.

“Almost everyone knows how to collect haptic player cards – some of us from our days in school. NFTs transfer this passion for collecting into the digital world,” explains SoccerCoin COO Jochen Ressel. “Fans can acquire special experiences, memorables, 3D printable player-figures and much more by purchasing, collecting or bidding on forgery-proof NFTs on our platform. This is what makes SoccerCoin unique.”

Asked why SoccerCoin’s digital solutions are particularly attractive for clubs, sports institutions or even individual athletes, Andreas Erschen, CSO of SoccerCoin, answers: “We offer a complete solution that not only consists of the SoccerCoin platform, but also includes the entire conception, creation and marketing of digital collectibles. This means that we are a one-stop shop from locating the NFT opportunities, to sizing the campaign, to the practical implementation.” Ressel adds, “A particularly important point for us, for fans and also for sports institutions that work with us: the SoccerCoin NFT platform meets all legal and regulatory requirements – from an user-friendly registration and account verification to a complete solution for all tax-related issues.”

What are the next steps in the platform development? Andreas Erschen: “In a few weeks, we will add additional features und improve the ease-of-use for fans, such as payment by credit card, instant bank transfer or PaySafe card. Our goal is to be the most fan-friendly NFT platform offering attractive NFTs with added value. The campaigns that are now going to be launched on an ongoing basis will substantiate this claim!” www.soccercoin.io

Jürgen Heimbach

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